Jelle Mastenbroek and Daniƫl de Bruin


Make a choice between past, present or future means of transportation for Eindhoven

How has Eindhoven's public transport system evolved from a horse tram to a bus and, perhaps, a cable car in the future? In Jelle and Daniël's Dilemma machine, you can choose from a number of transportation modes from the last century. The horse tram appeared in Eindhoven in 1888, the steam tram less than ten years later. The horse tram was discontinued in 1907, but the steam tram continued to run until 1935. Goods were also transported by tram. At each stop, loading and unloading took place, so the entire trip took a long time. Buses were introduced in 1920, and these were faster and more comfortable. Would you opt for a bumpy ride in a horse tram, or do you feel most comfortable in a contemporary bus? Maybe in the future, you will see yourself high in the sky?