Past, present and future of our food

Museum door de Stad

Museum door de Stad travels through the city with installations inspired by the culture historic collection of Eindhoven Museum. In three years designers will get to work with five themes. The theme of this year is Past, present and future of our food. The installations can be seen during the Dutch Design Week at Sectie-C and during the Fijne Feestdagen Festival in the Warehouse of innovation.


Chloé Rutzerveld - Loerie Lab

Farmers from Eindhoven were very poor, crops had a rough time growing because of the chapped sandy soil of the farmland of Eindhoven, but coffee beans were very expensive. The farmers used to make substitute coffee from burnt peas, old grain or chicory

Zoë Jacobs - How do we sit to eat?

It is no surprise anymore that our food effects our bodies growth. What does our current food schedule look like and what does it mean for the size of our body?