Museum door de Stad


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Museum door de Stad

This year Eindhoven Museum was located at The Tower of Eindhoven in Woensel, Stratum, Strijp, Tongelre, Gestel and Eindhoven city centre and is on show with Eindhoven Panorama at Stadhuisplein soon. 

Museum door de Stad

All Eindhoven women in discussion

Bibliotheek Eindhoven invites "All women in Eindhoven" to meet and engage in discussion. Whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or tea we will be talking to each other based on the Jump Movement Method. In 7 steps we bring women, in pairs, towards a goal, decision or ambition. Jump Movement is surprisingly fun, simple and efficient.

Entrance is free, it is not necessary to register

Woensel: 24 July
Stratum: 14 August
Strijp: 21 August
Tongelre: 4 September
Gestel: 18 September

10 AM - 12 PM


Artist Paul Panhuysen made this model of his street, the Wilgenroosstraat. In the seventies he researched how visual arts could help solve problems in a street. With the participation of residents, he made a design for more than the standard ‘pavement, parking lanes and roadway’. Unfortunately, the plan was never implemented. 

Tablecloth from 1905

Eindhoven Museum recently received a special tablecloth. The rug was made in honour of the engagement party on March 12 1905, of the double engagement of both the eldest son and eldest daughter in the Keunen-Leen family. The table cloth had 80 embroidered signatures by the people that were present. These were mainly people from the Eindhoven elite at the beginning of the twentieth century, such as Eindhoven manufacturer families. The linen cloth is professionally embroidered, possibly by religious who at that time often provided linen with monograms. A beautiful piece of Eindhoven history!


The latest asset to Eindhoven Museum is a bottle from lemonade factory A. van den Bemd. It probably dates from the first half of the thirties. In 1929, A. van den Bemd owned a beer bottling company and a mineral water factory (lemonade factory) at the Hoogstraat 252 in Eindhoven in Gestel, he also was an agent for the Amstel beer brewery. In 1934 the factory moved to the Laagstraat.

The collection is online again

The Eindhoven Museum collection is online again. Of course, the collection can also be seen in Museum door de Stad (May 19-24that Strijp-S during Dutch Technology Week), but now also 24/7 on the website again.

Brabantse Erfgoedprijs 2019

Museum door de Stad is one of the eight nominees for the ‘Brabantse Erfgoedprijs 2019’ by Erfgoed Brabant. Out of 56 submissions, the professional jury selected eight initiatives who have a chance of winning the prize, the winner will be announced on November 7.

Subjective Canon of Eindhoven

Museum door de stad is going to travel through Eindhoven for three years and meanwhile they gather subjective data from the residents in the city. This information shapes the subjective canon of Eindhoven, a clear picture of what her residents are thinking, doing, feeling and their opinions. Drop by at the Museum door de Stad and let us know your opinions. Photo’s: Max Kneefel