Welcome to Eindhoven Museum

Eindhoven Museum cares for 23,000 historical objects from the Eindhoven area. An archive that provides a unique view on the city’s cultural-historical development. The collection consists of paintings, statues, household items, tools, clothes, and much more. From Brabantine traditional clothing up to a clean room suit from chip maker ASML. This varied collection is the best kept memory of Eindhoven!

The collection is currently not on display in a museum but can be viewed online . It’s also possible to book a guided tour in the museum depot.

Eindhoven Museum is part of the foundation Stichting Eindhoven Museum, which also encompasses the preHistorisch Dorp. The preHistorisch Dorp is a historical open-air museum and tells the story about the period from 13,000 years ago up to the late Middle Ages. Eindhoven Museum, on the other hand, tells the story of Eindhoven’s modern history by means of a collection of objects. At the preHistorisch Dorp location, we are working together on the development of Museumpark Vonk: a museum that highlights important moments in the history of both the city and the region, from prehistoric times until present day.


The Eindhoven Museum collection is made up of thousands of objects and is frequently expanded with new objects.

Do you own an object that may be interesting for our collection? If you do, please contact us via collectie@eindhovenmuseum.nl. We will then gladly determine whether we can add the object to our collection.

Guided tour

Eindhoven Museum doesn’t have an exhibition space, but all objects are stored at a museum depot. Most depots aren’t open to the public, but ours is! You can get a unique look at our extensive collection during an inspiring guided tour. You will learn all about the collection and Eindhoven’s history and it’s the perfect way to discover the most fascinating stories behind our key pieces. Moreover, it’s a very fun and original outing with your club, group of friends or family!

What you need to know about the tour:

  • Location: Sectie-C

  • Duration: 45-60 minutes

  • Number of participants: 5-10

  • Booking: online

  • Entrance: free

  • Extra: a welcoming cup of tea or coffee

  • Note: it’s only 16 degrees Celsius at the depot, so take a warm sweater to wear

On loan

Eindhoven Museum believes its important objects from the collection are visible for many people, and therefore makes them available on loan. We regularly loan collection pieces to other museums and institutions. If you’re interested in a specific object from our collection, please send an email to collectie@eindhovenmuseum.nl well in advance, describing which objects you’re interested in, your motivation and your exhibition plan.

Would you like to receive an image of one or multiple objects from our collection? That’s possible! Send an email to collectie@eindhovenmuseum.nl naming the image’s object number and the reason for your request. If you want to use the image(s) in a publication, please use the credit line we provide with it (or them).


The Eindhoven Museum depot is located at the creative hotspot Sectie-C in Eindhoven. We will send you the exact location when you make an appointment.

Do you have any questions about Eindhoven Museum? Please send an email to collectie@eindhovenmuseum.nl or fill out our contact form.

Mail can be sent to the following address, at the location of the preHistorisch Dorp:

Eindhoven Museum
T.a.v. Klaartje Groot
Boutenslaan 161B
5644 TV Eindhoven