About Eindhoven Museum

Eindhoven Museum presents an innovative museum concept for the cultural-historical museum of the future. From 2018 until 2020 Museum door de Stad is travelling through the city with installations inspired by the cultural-historical collection of Eindhoven Museum. Each theme features installations created by Dutch designers. Museum door de Stad will be back in Woensel from April on with the theme: Past, present and future of Groot-Eindhoven.

The designers took the history of Eindhoven and the Eindhoven museum’s cultural-historical collection as their starting points and created installations that interact with the public. They make use of objects in the collection in various ways, and do likewise in the ways they convey information, highlight collection items and collect data.

Museum door de Stad brings the history and stories of Eindhoven to its inhabitants and makes them aware of where the city and its cultural identity comes from and where we as a society are going.