3rd - 25th of July

Eindhoven Panorama

Eindhoven Museum presents Eindhoven Panorama on Stadhuisplein from the 3rd to the 25th of July. Eindhoven Panorama is an open-air panorama with a circumference of 70 meters that consists of photos, images, drawings and stories showing about 100 years of Greater Eindhoven history. The concept and design is made by Florian de Visser and is inspired by Panorama Mesdag.

The panorama offers a view of the former villages of Woensel, Tongelre, Stratum, Gestel and Strijp and the town of Eindhoven itself. Discover stories, images and events that evoke memories of the city’s history. Read all about Eindhoven and see your city through different eyes!

Opening times: 
3rd - 25th July
Wednesday- Sunday 
12:00 - 17:00 

Free entry, reservation is not necessary